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Borys, also known as The Dragon, was the sorcerer king of Ur-Draxa.

Borys of Ebe


Borys was one of Rajaat's Thirteen Champions that was responsible for cleansing Athas of the 'inferior' races. Listed as the thirteenth champion "Butcher of Dwarves". He was unsuccessful in his cleansing of the dwarves.

Became the first Dragon of Athas, as far as anyone knows.

Led the Champions in revolt against Rajaat and was later tasked with keeping him imprisoned for eternity. Demanded a yearly 1000 slave sacrifice from each of the region's city states so that he could harness the energy he collected from the slaves to keep Rajaat imprisoned.

Borys was killed by Rikus using Borys' ancient sword the Scourge that was crafted for him by Rajaat. Rikus accomplished this with great assistance from Sadira, Neeva, and Rkard. In the book The Rise and Fall of A Dragon King there is a reference to Borys succeeding a previous "Butcher of Dwarves".


Tools and EquipmentEdit


As the Dragon of Tyr, Borys is the most powerful creature in existence on Athas. His form comes from the powerful defiling magic that he possesses. Some say the Dragon knows every spell in existence and they would not be dismissed easily. In order to become a dragon one has to not only master defiling magic, but also psionics and dragon magic as well. Dragon magic being a combination of arcane and psionic power.


Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

The Obsidian Oracle

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