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Paragon Paths are the 4e equivalent of Prestige Classes. One can be taken at level 10.

Dark Sun Paragon Paths Edit

Racial Edit

Theme Edit

  • Arms Troubadour
  • Unwelcome Guest
  • Caravan Master
  • Shady Dealer
  • Rainbringer
  • Smoking Crown Initiate
  • Gladiator Champion
  • Jazst Dancer
  • Mind General
  • Psionic Scholar
  • Guardian of the Land
  • Voice for the Ravenged
  • Master Defiler
  • Praetor Legate
  • Master Preserver
  • Veiled Guardian
  • Dune Strider
  • Sand Reaver
  • Resurgent Wilder
  • Wielder of the Way

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