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Known as the Shadow King of Nibenay


6th Champion of Rajaat, also known as Gallard, "Bane of Gnomes". His cleansing was successful.

His templars are known as Shadow Brides or Templar Wives. All of them women of extraordinary beauty and talent.

He has a son named Dhojakt, who has a monstrous form. It is believed his mother, in order to make him more powerful, used spells to modify his body. As such he is now half man, half cilops (i.e. a giant one eyed centipede with the torso of a man and the legs of a centipede)


Extremely secretive compared to the other Sorcerer-Kings. He seldom makes public appearances, mainly due to his human form being nearly completely replaced by a more dragon like appearance.

Tools and EquipmentEdit


Like many Sorcerer-Kings, he is a powerful defiler.


Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

The Obsidian Oracle

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