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The Amber Enchantress
Author(s) Troy Denning
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Released October 1992
Type Novel
Binding Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-13 ISBN 1-56076-236-5
Series Prism Pentad
Preceded by The Crimson Legion
Followed by The Obsidian Oracle
The Lure of Dark Sorcery... Borys: The Dragon of Athas, born of magic and sustained by the agony of the doomed. For a thousand years, he has terrorized the desert wastes of Athas, roaming from city to city in pursuit of his gruesome levy- the lives of thousands of slaves. The winsome enchantress Sadira now stands ready to challenge him. To do so, she must reach the Pristine Tower, the forgotten citadel still smoldering with the incredible magic that spawned the Dragon. Only one man can help her: her elven father, the man who abandoned her into slavery. Before the journey ends, Sadira must forgive his betrayal- or give herself to the dark forces that still dwell within the Pristine Tower.





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