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The Crimson Legion
Author(s) Troy Denning
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Released April 1992
Type Novel
Binding Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-13 ISBN 1-56076-236-5
Series Prism Pentad
Preceded by The Verdant Passage
Followed by The Amber Enchantress
A dream born from tyranny... Tyr: The Free City. After a millennium of sorrow, it has cast off the yoke of the brutal sorcerer-king. The new ruler, Tithian of Mericles, has liberated the slaves- and plunged the city into chaos. Tyr's triumph may be its death knell. Only RIkus, the man-dwarf gladiator who sparked the rebellion, can save the city from the armies of Urik's sorcerer-king. With a ragtag militia of nobles, templars, and former slaves, he must stand against Urik's might. But strength of arm does not necessarily make a good general, as Rikus will learn before the conflict is over.





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