The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King
Author(s) Lynn Abbey
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Released April 1996
Type Novel
Binding Mass Market Paperback
ISBN-13 ISBN 0-7869-0476-3
Series Chronicles of Athas
Preceded by Cinnabar Shadows
Followed by none
"I, Hamanu..."... Hamanu the Innocent- his parents killed by an invading party of trolls. Hamanu the Survivor- enlists as a soldier, forging himself into the same heartless mercenary that killed his parents. Hamanu the Victorious- powerful warrior-king, and scourge of the Tablelands. Hamanu the lion of Urik, King of the World...and Dragon King? He is the greatest threat to the city of Urik, and its only hope as well. Forces are conspiring to bring about a dreaded metamorphosis, and he is their only possible salvation. This is Hamanu's his own words.





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